7 Iron

- $94.99

The Tour Striker 7 Iron was created for the intermediate to expert golfer who is dedicated to practicing and looking to improve consisency of solid impact.

Pitching Wedge

- $94.99

The Tour Striker PW has been created for beginner to intermediate golfers and is designed to help you master tour quality impact.

Special Offer

- $159.99

Get both the the Tour Striker PW & the Tour Striker 7 Iron.

The Educator

- $42.99

The Tour Striker Educator will help you understand HOW the hands work WITH the club for power and precision during the golf swing.

The Smart Ball

- $42.99

Finally, an ultra-light and portable way to sequence your arms and body as you develop your ball striking skills.

The Smart Bag

- $69.99

The Tour Striker Smart Bag is both an impact bag and a plane board!

Power Impact Pro

- $62.99

The Power Impact Pro is a resistance training system designed to help you become a more complete golfer athlete.

Golfer's Toolbox

- $84.99

The Golfers Toolbox is the only all-in-one golf training aid.

Tour Striker S.A.M.I.

- $36.99

S.A.M.I. is an acronym for Structural Awareness Measurement Instrument and it is designed to help you.

Tour Striker Plane Station

- $64.99

The Plane Station is a multi-purpose tool designed to help golfers develop awareness for swing plane, body and ball location.

Tour Striker Power Click

- $39.99

Tour Striker Power Click

Large Microfiber Caddie Towel

- $29.99

Keep your equipment nice and clean with our custom logo, 42" x 22", Microfiber Caddie Towel. Comes with a loop to hook it around a club or onto your bag.

Cradlz Smart Phone Holster

- $29.99

Used everyday at the Tour Striker Golf Academy by Martin Chuck and his team of Coaches.

Kotahi Putter Grip

- $37.99

"Kotahi" - to be one or unite together.

Tour Striker Training Program - DVD Box Set Driver to Putter - Over 15,000 Satisfied Customers And Growing

Continuing Education Series

- $69.99

In what has become the most successful DVD box set in recent times, Martin covers: Driving Distance, Short Game Mastery, Laser-Like Iron Striking, Modern Golf Swing Tendencies, Faults and Fixes and Practice With A Purpose. Martin has the ability to simplify complex motion and boil it down to simple actions that you can master.

Individual Training Downloads To Improve Your Game

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Vol. 1, Maximizing Distance, Martin Chuck takes you through a step by step approach to use proper mechanics and fundamentals along with your Tour Striker to increase distance with all the clubs in your bag.

Maximizing Distance

Vol. 1

Short Game

Vol. 2

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Vol. 2, Short Game, Martin Chuck teaches and demonstrates an array of fun shots around the green that will help you lower your score.

A Tribute to George Knudson

Vol. 3

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Volume 3, A Tribute to George Knudson, Tour Striker inventor and PGA Teaching Professional Martin Chuck shares with you the fundamentals he learned that made his mentor, George Knudson, one of the greatest ball strikers of all-time.

The Golfing Machine Demystified

Vol. 4

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Vol. 4, The Golfing Machine Demystified, Tour Striker inventor and PGA Teaching Professional Martin Chuck breaks down and simplifies the key elements of Homer Kelly's revolutionary book, The Golfing Machine.

Drills for Skills

Vol. 5

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Vol. 5, Drills for Skills, Tour Striker inventorMartin Chuck takes you through some outstanding drills to help your swing and your game.

Hitting Laser Like Irons

Vol. 6

Continuing Education Series

- $9.95

In Vol. 6, Hitting Laser Like Irons, Tour Striker inventor Martin Chuck helps you learn to hit solid and dead straight irons, as well as to improve your ball striking.