8 Iron & 56 Wedge LH (Steel)

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TS 56

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The Tour Striker clubs has been designed to intuitively teach golfers the correct way to deliver the "sweet spot" of the golf club to the ball, just like the Tour players.


Just by hitting balls with the Tour Striker 8 iron and wedge, you will learn to deliver the golf club to impact with a descending motion, naturally apply forward shaft lean during impact, and learn how to get the SWEET SPOT of the Tour Striker below the CENTER OF GRAVITY of the ball, all of which will increase lag and retain energy, helping you hit the golf ball longer and more solidly.


Transferring the feel learned from practicing with the Tour Striker 8 Iron and wedge to your traditional golf clubs and the golf course is an easy step!


The Tour Striker 8 iron has been created especially for mid-to-high handicap golfers and slower swing speeds (under 90 mph with driver). Unlike a traditional golf club, the distinctive Tour Striker 8 Iron design has an elevated leading edge and reduced clubface area and "sweet spot."


The Tour Striker Wedge was designed to help all players improve their impact position on chips, pitches, punches and full wedge shots. This versatile practice club will help you develop the correct swing and impact to compress and control the myriad of distances required to be a successful wedge player. The Tour Striker Wedge works for players of all swing speeds. Unlike a traditional golf club, the radical Tour Striker Wedge has little clubface below the "sweet spot" and gives you the feedback to train you to make a descending strike with forward lean, the fundamentals needed for spin and precise control.