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The Tour Striker 56 Wedge was designed to help all players improve their impact position on chips, pitches, punches and full wedge shots. This versatile practice club will help you develop the correct swing and impact to compress and control the myriad of distances required to be a successful wedge player. The Tour Striker 56 Wedge works for players of all swing speeds. Unlike a traditional golf club, the radical Tour Striker 56 Wedge has little clubface below the "sweet spot" and gives you the feedback to train you to make a descending strike with forward lean, the fundamentals needed for spin and precise control.

The Tour Striker 56 Wedge has been designed to intuitively teach golfers the correct way to deliver the "sweet spot" of the wedge to the ball so you can control your wedge shots, just like the Tour players. The Tour Striker 56 Wedge works for all golfer’s no matter your swing style or shape. Practicing with the Tour Striker 56 Wedge will quickly improve your wedge play and teach you to deliver the wedge with tour quality impact for successful scoring shots.

This club is NOT designed to teach “lob” or “flop” shots. The Tour Striker 56 Wedge will help you develop the swing and impact required for trajectory and spin control for precision wedge play.

You will quickly learn how to get the SWEET SPOT of the Tour Striker 56 Wedge below the CENTER OF GRAVITY of the ball, by naturally applying forward shaft lean during impact. Transferring the feel learned from practicing with the Tour Striker 56 Wedge to your traditional short clubs will occur automatically. 

The Tour Striker 56 Wedge is cast of 433 stainless steel and comes standard with a lightweight “wedge” flex steel shaft. The lie angle and shaft length may be modified for a nominal additional fee. These customizations can be made in the ordering process on line and may add 3-5 days to the time it takes for you to receive your order.

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The tour striker is assiting me in understanding what my body has to do to achieve hitting down on the ball. I have been playing and practicing religiously since taking up the game at age 55 and now 71. Many lessons later and a series from one the top 100 teachers in the country named by golf digest produced little understanding of the golf swing.


The simplicity in your training video was a factor in being able to utilize the tour striker in drasticly improving my ball striking ability. I have watched the video every day since purchasing the club in September 2011 and impressed with your teaching ability.


This purchase is the most significant piece of equipment in my golf bag that is my go to club to continue to reshape my ball striking ability. This club was recommended to me by a club member (a graduate of the Harmon School) who is better than scratch and uses it daily in his practice regimen.


Bill Zotto

The Villages, Florida



"I just wanted to say thank you for developing the 56-degree wedge. I’ve been as low as a 2-handicap in my lifetime, but over the past several years, I’ve developed some bad habits that turned into a severe case of the “chip yips” resulting in either blading wedge shots across the green or chunking them short of the putting surface. I’ve taken lessons from teaching pros, read magazines and books, watched videos and practiced long hours. The thing is I could do fine when practicing, but when on the golf course when it really counted, the “chip yips” would take over. Progressively this disease was spreading out further and further away from the hole on greenside chips, pitch shots, sand shots and even full wedge shots. This put more pressure on my long game and my handicap was climbing into the high single digits.

After using the Tour Striker 56-degree wedge for a couple of months, I’ve FINALLY conquered the “chip yips”! It’s helped me understand that my right hand was uncontrollably flipping at impact trying to help the ball into the air which was resulting in inconsistent contact, either bladed shots or chunks. The Tour Striker 56-degree wedge helped me feel the correct swinging motion. By keeping the shaft leaning forward and hitting with a descending blow, my ball contact has become consistent once again, my touch and distance control have returned and my ability to put more spin on the ball and stop it closer to the hole is better than ever before. And as before, the impact has progressively spread further and further away from the hole as now my chips, pitch shots, sand shots, full wedge shots, irons and woods are all benefitting from consistently good ball contact and a much straighter ball flight. Best of all, my handicap is back on a downward trend and the game is fun again!"

Thank you,