Tour Striker 7 Iron



The Tour Striker 7 Iron has been created for intermediate to advanced level golfers who are dedicated to practicing and improving their ball contact.   It is designed to help you master tour quality impact with all of your full swing golf shots.

Watch the Tour Striker Training Club Instructional Video


Unlike a traditional golf club, the distinctive Tour Striker design has little clubface and no grooves below the "sweet spot" (see below).


The Tour Striker 7 Iron has been designed to intuitively teach golfers the correct way to deliver the "sweet spot" of the golf club to the ball, just like the Tour players. Practice with the Tour Striker 7 Iron will quickly change a golfer’s understanding of ball striking and will teach them to deliver the golf club to impact with a descending motion, resulting in the forward shaft lean that all great ball strikers possess.

Golfers will quickly learn how to get the SWEET SPOT of the Tour Striker under the CENTER OF GRAVITY of the ball, by naturally applying forward shaft lean during impact. Transferring the feel learned from practicing with the Tour Striker PW to your traditional golf clubs and the golf course is an easy step!

The Tour Striker 7 Iron is cast of 433 stainless steel and comes with True Temper, Uniflex Steel Shaft.

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