We are proud to offer the Tour Striker and Tour Striker Pro training clubs to enhance your striking skill.

The Regular Tour Striker is targeted for mid-to-high handicap golfers and slower swing speeds (under 90 mph with driver), while the Tour Striker Pro is geared for dedicated practicers with higher swing speeds and a handicap of 10 or less. In addition, we offer a Tour Striker for women and younger players who wish to improve their game. The ladies/junior model is slightly shorter than the regular Tour Striker (35 inches vs. 36 inches) and has a graphite shaft appropriate for women and juniors.

The Tour Striker and Tour Striker Pro training club is cast of 433 stainless steel. The vibration dampening logo affixed within the back cavity reduces shock on mis-hit shots while developing ball striking skills. The lie angle, shaft length and grip may be modified at a nominal additional fee. Please contact us for details.

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Tour Striker Smart Ball

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Tour Striker Educator Training Video



The Official Tour Striker Instructional DVD

Watch the Tour Striker Instructional video here for FREE as often as you would like. In the video, PGA Instructor and Tour Striker invenor, Martin Chuck walks you through some tips and drills to help you get the most out of your Tour Striker.



Tour Striker Smart Bag


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