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2020 Guaranteed Gift Guide

Buying a training aid for a friend or family member is like buying them a weight loss tracker… it can feel a little awkward unless they asked for it.

HOWEVER… there are a few training aids that are great for any golfer. This is the 2020 Guaranteed Gift Guide for bulletproof gifts.

PlaneMate ®

The PlaneMate is a great tool for rank beginners, seasoned tour pros, and everyone in between.

The PlaneMate helps with all the key positions in the golf swing and the 4 major moves. So whether you’re just learning to play or finishing T1 on Sunday, the PlaneMate is a great practice tool.

Build muscle memory, speed, and a great looking swing.

Tour Striker Smart Ball

Smart Ball

Used by many of the top players in the world, the Smart Ball is an inflatable ball you place between your forearms to focus on your connectedness, pivot and rotation.

Strike crisper irons, hit pin seeking wedges, and even putt like a pro.

The Smart Ball is a great aid for golfers of all levels.

Plane Station

While it’s common practice to stab an aim stick into the ground at the range, this doesn’t work so well on mats or at home. The Plane Station lets a player set up a guide for the plane of their swing on a mat or even at home in the living room.

The Plane Station can be used behind the ball for an improved takeaway and delivery of the club, ahead of the ball for an improved exit. It can be used to help prevent swaying or unnecessary head movement. And if you use more than one, the combinations are endless.

Golf is a game of inches. Centered contact comes down to fractions of a millimeter. Consistent setup and good measurement to the ball is required for everyone.

Power Impact Pro 2.0

All anyone can talk about these days is distance and speed. If you want speed, you have to hit the gym… but most moves don’t relate to golf and most gyms aren’t designed to help you with your game.

The Power Impact Pro is a resistance band connected to an aircraft grade aluminum handle with a golf club grip so it looks and feels like your club.

Build strength and speed at home while working the specific muscles used in golf [including those required to properly grip a club.]

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