Add Power and Distance by Developing a Tour-Caliber Rhythm


I shot this video before Louis Oosthuizen had to withdraw after the first round of the Masters due to an injury (we wish him a speedy recovery)...

But the point is still valid:  

Louis Oosthuizen isn't the biggest, strongest guy on Tour...

But he's an absolute powerhouse for his size -- he averages 300 yard drives, and that's partly due to his amazing...


With great rhythm, he's able to deliver maximum the right place. 

And that's one of the things you can do, too, by working with the Power Impact Pro 2.0.

This training device does a LOT of things (which you can read about below)...

But the one I'm focusing on in today's video is helping you develop a Tour-caliber rhythm. 

When you set up your Power Impact Pro (PIP) the way I'm doing in the video...

It forces you to make powerful, rhythmic swings (or the band will flop all over the place).

You start by moving it back and forth and you'll instinctively start to "self organize" as you build up into a rhythmic motion...

That will take on the shape of your full swing. 

This rhythmic motion and swing structure immediately transfers over to your driver and the other clubs in your bag.  

It's the ultimate, pre-round warmup.

And if you ever feel like you, "need to play a few holes" before you find your rhythm and tempo, the PIP can get you there before you tee off.

Get Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 Here

Again, this is just ONE of the ways to use your Power Impact Pro.

As I mentioned above, your PIP can do a lot of things. 

At it's most basic, it's a resistance band with a golf grip on you can resistance train your golf swing!

But this simple device does so much more for golfers. 

It can help improve your...

✅ Strength
✅ Flexibility
✅ Range of Motion
✅ Rhythm
✅ Lag
✅ Impact Alignment
✅ Muscle Memory

And here's the best part: 

Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 comes with 10 bonus videos showing you some of the most popular ways to use it. 

These quick videos (between 1 to 2 minutes each) cover the following...

  • Intro to the Power Impact Pro (:51)
  • Trail Arm Structured Stretch (1:58)
  • Squatting Incline Press (:54)
  • Lower Body Side Steps (1:07)
  • The Sam Snead Squat (1:59)
  • Regular and Reverse Curls (1:48)
  • Rear Fly and Rotator Rotations (2:24)
  • Prone Lateral Pullovers (2:08)
  • PIP Swings (1:22)
  • Partner Resistance Drill (1:28)
  • Classic Row & Rotational Row (2:05) 

And don't forget...

All the exercises above are IN ADDITION TO the regular, "golf swing resistance training" you can do.

Give it a try -- your purchase is backed by our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Get Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 Here