Golf Digest Ranking...and Lots of Thanking

Not sure if you saw it, but in their December/January issue, Golf Digest ranked me #7 in their list of "50 Best Teachers in America...

And they ranked me #1 in the state of Arizona... 

Wow — I am blown away to be considered among the top coaches in the country. I’ve had the pleasure to coach alongside many of them, and learn from how they communicate and share their message.

I have a lot of gratitude for my mentors no longer with us and for those who help me today.

Every day I get to go to work and have fun trying to help people enjoy this silly game a little bit more.

In addition to Golf Digest, I'd like to send special thanks to the PGA, Revolution Golf, Justin Tupper, Golf Channel, Golf Magazine, Performance Golf, Brixton Albert, Donnie and French.

To my wife, Stacey Chuck, I wouldn’t be here without your love, encouragement, and support.

And thanks to my teams at Tour Striker Golf Academy and Tour Striker Training Products — you guys are a blast to work with.

To the coaches out there who haven’t received the accolades yet, just keep doing what you love. It’ll happen!