Lots of Ways the Pros (and You) Can Use the Smart Ball


Why does everyone love the Smart Ball? 

Because everyone plays better when they remember to keep structure in their arms on full swings and short game shots.

And that's exactly what the patented Tour Striker Smart Ball does:

It keeps your arms from breaking down, so they remain structured, "connected" and working in unison with your lower body.

This helps you strike the ball LONGER, STRAIGHTER and more CONSISTENTLY.

By maintaining the structure of your swing and removing the "randomness" that happens when you bend your elbows...

You gain RELIABLE control over where, when and how you contact the ball and the turf.

People love it, too, because it's so versatile —  everyone can use it their own way, including inventing NEW ways to use it.

As I'll show you in the above video...

The traditional way is to position it between your forearms...but that's where the "tradition" ends.

Some people try to keep the ball in place during the entire swing. 

Others let it "drop" during the downswing.

Still others deflate it a bit and use it just above the writs.

And lately I've seen the lanyard tucked into the waistband to keep short-game swings from getting too long.

I know I'm biased, but given all the ways the Smart Ball can help you improve...

This has to be one of the biggest bangs for the buck in golf!

And the free USA shipping and money-back guarantee makes it a complete no-brainer!

So, if you haven't tried the Smart Ball yet...

Get yours here.