How to Hit the Right Shot When You're In-Between Clubs


Happy Holidays from all of us here at Tour Striker and the Tour Striker Golf Academy! 

In addition to the holiday well wishes from me and my entire team...

Today I also want to share some advice on playing your best golf.   

We're coming up on what is typically a more relaxing time "in-between" Christmas and New Year's...

So, that got me thinking about a somewhat related question I get all the time:

"What's the right shot to hit when I'm in-between clubs?" 

Mmm, yes, it's one of golf's eternal questions:

Should you grab your shorter club and try to SMASH it? 

Or, should choose your longer club and try to "take something off" it? 

In my opinion, there is a lot more to consider than only the distance to the hole. 

So, in the video above, I'll show you a few additional things to think about that will hopefully make your decision easier...

And your shots land where you want them to.