How to Naturally Swing "Inside Out"


If you watch the Masters Tournament this week...

You may see players warming up with a casual motion I like to call, the "lead arm flying wedge." 

As you'll see in the above video, this rhythmic motion reminds these top players what their ideal rotation and inside-out swing path FEELS like.  

But what if you're not (yet) a "top player" and you need help establishing your inside-out motion?

Well, I can tell you what NOT to do.

When you actively TRY to swing inside out -- to manipulate the club path -- it's "game over."

Instead, you have to get the arms, wrists and lower body working together in rotation so the club moves inside out NATURALLY.

Easier said than done, right? 

I know, and that's one reason I developed the Impact Strap.

As I mentioned the other day, the Impact Strap "locks in" the critical angle between your lead arm and club shaft.

And, in addition to all the other good things it does (see below)...

It ALSO shows you how the club can (and should) orbit inside-out ON ITS OWN.

See, the Impact Strap doesn't let the critical wrist/club angle break down...

It holds you in place so you maintain and move this angle into the golf ball, naturally producing an inside-out motion. 

In short, the Impact Strap...

✅ Locks in power-producing wrist angles
✅ Guides your inside-out swing path
✅ Gets your hands ahead of the ball
✅ Encourages the right amount of hip hinge
✅ Promotes all-important forward shaft lean

I use the Impact Strap all the time with my golf school students (high and low handicappers alike).

And if you're anything like them, it will immediately help you get the club moving "inside out" on its you can hit better shots 💪. 

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