How to Square the Clubface by Not Being a "Handle Puller"

If your shots squirt off to the right or left, you may be a "handle puller."

Meaning...if you pull too hard and too fast on the handle of your club on your downswing...

The club doesn't have a chance to get square.

So, you have to then add some kind of reactive body motion to compensate.

In today's video, which I shot as a "live lesson look-in" with one of my students... 

You'll hear me explain why you need a little patience at the top of your swing...

And how it will ultimately let the club "flee away" with the right pace to get squarely onto the ball.

The training aid I'm using with my student is the Lag Shot 7-ironwhich is great for ingraining the right rhythm and timing. 

There's a bonus tip in here, too, which I actually touch upon first. 

Anyway, watch the video because I think both tips will immediately help you make better contact and hit better shots.