Square Your Putter Face (and Make More Putts) with this Easy Drill


A lot of putts are missed before they're even struck. 

What I mean is, if your putter face isn't squared up to your starting line...

Your chances of sinking the putt (or getting close to the hole) drop dramatically.

"Martin, that's obvious!," you're probably thinking. "Of course I need to aim where I want the ball to go." 

But trust me on this: a LOT of golfers *think* they're squared up when they're not even close. 

In the video above, I'll show you an easy "putting station" you can make with two tees, an alignment stick, and a quarter. 

It will help you practice getting squared up so it becomes an automatic part of your routine.

And "automatic" is what you'll start to be on the greens!