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  • Chipping Exercise to Break ParMany players who come to the Tour Striker Golf Academy stand too far from the golf ball when chipping. To fix this habit, try this drill with your PlaneMate to create structural awareness within your swing. As you set up, step closer to the ball so that the PlaneMate band and the shaft of your club are parallel.
  • Hit Crisp Chip ShotsIt doesn’t matter how good of a golfer you are, everyone misses the green at some point. But great golfers know that you can still put up great scores by improving your short game. The goal is to get the ball closer to the hole and convert short putts. To set yourself up to get […]
  • Required Drill for an Effortless, Beautiful, Crisp Short GameThe great George Knudson had a drill that he required all his juniors to perfect. You place one end of a small piece of string under your belt on your lead hip and hold the other end against the grip of your club. The goal is to be able to make a semi-follow through without […]
  • Chipping & Pitching TechniquesTRANSCRIPT Hello everyone, welcome to Martis Camp Golf Club. You know today I want to talk about chipping and pitching and how to have better engagement of the club face to the golf ball without fear of laying the sod over it, chunking it or blading and across the green. So I’ve got a sharpie […]
  • Play Better Golf by Educating Your HandsTRANSCRIPT Hello, my name is Martin Chuck, inventor of the Tour Striker training clubs. Today we’re here in beautiful Indian Wells, California. At the vintage golf club. I’m going to introduce to you the Tour Striker Educator. Okay. First thing I got to show you how to put the Educator in your golf club. You […]