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  • Rotate and Relocate for Power and DistanceThe Tour Striker Smart Ball has been used by countless players and professionals to help maintain the structure in their arms, inspiring them to rotate and relocate to collect a golf ball. This video features Martin Chuck at a Golf School demonstrating the use and intent of practicing with the Smart Ball. Whether you tend […]
  • Stretch to Maintain Stretch to Maintain Your Shoulder TurnFlexibility is one of the most often neglected parts of the game. Especially as you start to get older, your body naturally loses flexibility, resulting in a shorter swing and lost power. If you’re losing distance and struggling with consistency, you may need to work on your flexibility. The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is […]
  • Sweet Spots The #1 Requirement for Distance and ConsistencyThe #1 Requirement for Distance and Consistency Everyone wants more distance and consistency… Speed, compression, endless swing thoughts… but while you’re out there searching for that “swing secret,” you’re forgetting about the #1 Requirement for Distance and Consistency. The KEY that makes your speed and adjustments meaningful. The Secret Key? … Centered Contact What does […]
  • How to use leverage in your golf swing!TRANSCRIPT Leverage the leverage and Golfs, pretty simple, really it’s just maximizing the lever length between the shaft and the left arm. Now in the address condition, most of us are out of leverage. We don’t have a levered condition here, and the reason that we set our hands in this case, more mid body […]
  • Tour Striker #1 Golf Training AidTRANSCRIPT No matter what you’re tried to do to improve your ball striking and distance, it can haven’t Tried the Tour Striker. You haven’t used the number one trainer in golf. The reason I know that Tour Striker is the best because all you have to do is just hit balls with it and your […]
  • Tour Striker Training Club Instructional VideoTRANSCRIPT Martin Chuck inventor of the Tour Striker training club, and in this video I want to show you how to maximize the benefit training with your Tour Striker. You know the Tour Striker is designed with an elevated leading edge. This face has been raised from the sole, the golf club, so that it […]
  • Learn Exactly How To Hit The Golf BallTRANSCRIPT I know you purchased the tour striker and it’s really gonna help your game. The reason this golf club is designed the way it is, it makes a lot of sense just by looking at it that you have to have some forward shaft lean to get that law presents itself to the golf […]
  • How to maximize your driver distanceTRANSCRIPT Today going to talk about distance. I don’t know a golfer out there that wouldn’t like to hit it farther. Now we all have our own personal maximum for how far we’re going to hit it. I’m going to cover some basic things for you today. The first order of business is having a […]
  • Swing Small to HIT BIGTRANSCRIPTION No, it’s kind of funny. The what the right arm does and what it doesn’t do in the golf swing, you know, if I just ask George what is, or show me what the right arm doesn’t swing, what’s your opinion of it? What does it do? It’s just the left arm does most […]