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  • How to Waggle How to WaggleOne of the most common questions to a Tour Pro after a major win is, “Were you nervous when…” It’s hard not to think about all the swing thoughts, all the circumstances, and the what if’s. How you relax and get ready to go can have a major impact on your results. The waggle is […]
  • PlaneMate Driver ProtocolWe all love watching a beautiful swing, especially on Sunday in slow motion as the leader drives the green for a look at eagle on a par 4. Most people have never felt what a “Picture Perfect” swing looks and feels like. Especially as you get older, those key positions seem harder to get into. […]
  • train with speed for increased speed Train with Speed to Increase Clubhead SpeedTrain with Speed to Increase Clubhead Speed We’re all looking for a way to find a little more clubhead speed… To increase clubhead speed, we’re not trying to swing harder, we’re trying to swing faster. A great way to do that is to get the body moving fast. Mark ‘The Golf Yogi’ Williamson has some […]
  • Play Better Golf by Educating Your HandsTRANSCRIPT Hello, my name is Martin Chuck, inventor of the Tour Striker training clubs. Today we’re here in beautiful Indian Wells, California. At the vintage golf club. I’m going to introduce to you the Tour Striker Educator. Okay. First thing I got to show you how to put the Educator in your golf club. You […]
  • How to maximize your driver distanceTRANSCRIPT Today going to talk about distance. I don’t know a golfer out there that wouldn’t like to hit it farther. Now we all have our own personal maximum for how far we’re going to hit it. I’m going to cover some basic things for you today. The first order of business is having a […]