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  • The Clubface at address? Square to the target or closed?TRANSCRIPT Hello, welcome to the Tethrow golf club. I’m standing here on the twelfth fairway at Tethrow. It’s a beautiful day in June. We hope you can come visit us out here. It’s amazing golf course designed by David McLay kit. I’ve got a few things to go over today with fans of Tethrow and […]
  • Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The WhipTRANSCRIPT Hello, this is Martin Chuck from the Raven Golf Club Phoenix. I want to talk to you about the snap in golf. The power. How are you going to feel the power and golf, and as an example, I’m going to show you a snap. Now. I hope you’ve never been on the receiving […]
  • Learn Exactly How To Hit The Golf BallTRANSCRIPT I know you purchased the tour striker and it’s really gonna help your game. The reason this golf club is designed the way it is, it makes a lot of sense just by looking at it that you have to have some forward shaft lean to get that law presents itself to the golf […]
  • How to maximize your driver distanceTRANSCRIPT Today going to talk about distance. I don’t know a golfer out there that wouldn’t like to hit it farther. Now we all have our own personal maximum for how far we’re going to hit it. I’m going to cover some basic things for you today. The first order of business is having a […]
  • How to Hit Your Irons Longer with the Same Easy Swing!TRANSCRIPT Okay, nice solid shot. So let’s take a look at the Trackman numbers. Okay. We’re going to look at this number, dynamic loft way down here, over here on the, on while your right. My left and we had an attack angle hitting down five point five degrees. I hit it pretty solidly, but […]
  • Pure Golf Shots ..How to consistently strike golf balls!!TRANSCRIPT Morning everybody, I’m here with David Orange You golf shots for us. Go ahead David. Okay, that’s one. How were those David? Okay. The first one was. Okay. The second one I lost a little bit. Oops. Oopsy and the fourth one. Alrighty David. Thank you very much. My friend David might turn. Okay. […]
  • Hit a golf ball REALLY StraightTRANSCRIPT Hi, today we’re going to talk about how to hit your irons shots really straight, and you’ll see by this little setup here I’ve got a stick sticking out of the ground and a couple that are parallel to the stick on the ground in one up ahead. Basically what I’ve done is I’ve […]
  • Swing Small to HIT BIGTRANSCRIPTION No, it’s kind of funny. The what the right arm does and what it doesn’t do in the golf swing, you know, if I just ask George what is, or show me what the right arm doesn’t swing, what’s your opinion of it? What does it do? It’s just the left arm does most […]
  • London Golf School in SeptemberSpecial London Golf School in September Join me for a special Golf School in London, England. September 25 & 26, 2018. It’ll be a school to remember. Reserve Your Spot Now »