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  • Compression Into The Left Leg – “Pivot Burst”TRANSCRIPT These hands, good hands, they’re going to get down in front of us and our leg is going to make our hands come up and make your club head go down. Okay. We watched enough video. Good players, so here’s that little pitch shot . watch My knee crispy, right? Very much so, so […]
  • The Clubface at address? Square to the target or closed?TRANSCRIPT Hello, welcome to the Tethrow golf club. I’m standing here on the twelfth fairway at Tethrow. It’s a beautiful day in June. We hope you can come visit us out here. It’s amazing golf course designed by David McLay kit. I’ve got a few things to go over today with fans of Tethrow and […]
  • Learn Exactly How To Hit The Golf BallTRANSCRIPT I know you purchased the tour striker and it’s really gonna help your game. The reason this golf club is designed the way it is, it makes a lot of sense just by looking at it that you have to have some forward shaft lean to get that law presents itself to the golf […]