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  • Get High and Wide for More PowerIf you’re looking for power… If you want to really smash the ball off the tee… You have to have a wide, tall golf swing. Good golfers don’t bend their trail arm past 90 degrees. BUT… If you’re like most club golfers, you do. If you take on swing length by over-bending your arms, that’s cheating! … AND it robs you of power.
  • train with speed for increased speed Train with Speed to Increase Clubhead SpeedTrain with Speed to Increase Clubhead Speed We’re all looking for a way to find a little more clubhead speed… To increase clubhead speed, we’re not trying to swing harder, we’re trying to swing faster. A great way to do that is to get the body moving fast. Mark ‘The Golf Yogi’ Williamson has some […]
  • Tour Striker Training Club Instructional VideoTRANSCRIPT Martin Chuck inventor of the Tour Striker training club, and in this video I want to show you how to maximize the benefit training with your Tour Striker. You know the Tour Striker is designed with an elevated leading edge. This face has been raised from the sole, the golf club, so that it […]
  • Hitting Your Driver Longer – Crack The WhipTRANSCRIPT Hello, this is Martin Chuck from the Raven Golf Club Phoenix. I want to talk to you about the snap in golf. The power. How are you going to feel the power and golf, and as an example, I’m going to show you a snap. Now. I hope you’ve never been on the receiving […]
  • Swing Small to HIT BIGTRANSCRIPTION No, it’s kind of funny. The what the right arm does and what it doesn’t do in the golf swing, you know, if I just ask George what is, or show me what the right arm doesn’t swing, what’s your opinion of it? What does it do? It’s just the left arm does most […]