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  • Swing Small to HIT BIGTRANSCRIPTION No, it’s kind of funny. The what the right arm does and what it doesn’t do in the golf swing, you know, if I just ask George what is, or show me what the right arm doesn’t swing, what’s your opinion of it? What does it do? It’s just the left arm does most […]
  • Tour Striker Power Impact Pro 2.0 - Mark 'The Golf Yogi' Williamson Increase Stability and Flexibility in Your TurnIncrease Stability and Flexibility in Your Turn We all want to hit longer drives and be more consistent… Distance comes from speed, and speed comes from flexibility. There’s no better person than Mark ‘The Golf Yogi’ Williamson to help you increase flexibility and stability in your turn. As well, using the Power Impact Pro, which […]
  • The Cornerstone DrillA lot of people ask me what they can practice before they come to a Golf School. My answer is always the same… The Cornerstone Drill. The Cornerstone Drill is great because it's a drill that you can practice on your own and with a couple of checkpoints make sure that you're doing it correctly. […]