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  • Drill for Bent Back Lead WristMany of Martin Chuck’s golf students struggle with a lazy lead hand at address and through impact. Not because they’re actually lazy, but because a bent lead wrist can be uncomfortable if they don’t know what it should feel like. In this video, Martin demonstrates a drill using the Power Click to help you better understand your grip and feelings […]
  • Compression Drill Using the Power ClickThe Power Click is a training aid that works every time for Eric Cogorno. In his Youtube video, he breaks down his favorite compression drill for the right wrist and how he uses the Power Click to get great results. Compressing the ball means having a shallow angle of attack with low dynamic loft.
  • Flatten Lead Wrist Like a Tour ProFeatured Coach of the Week – Michael Newton The Power Click is a great tool to help golfers associate auditory feedback with feelings. In Michael Newton’s video, he explains that many of his students don’t realize they have a cupped lead wrist in their swing. If you don’t have a coach to watch your wrists as you practice, it’s […]
  • Wrist Conditions for a Better SwingFeatured Coach of the Week – Eric Cogorno   Figuring out what to do with your wrists in a golf swing can be hard to get right. Not because it’s difficult to understand, but because many golfers don’t know what having good wrist conditions is supposed to feel like. In this video, Eric Cogorno teams up with Martin […]
  • How to Waggle How to WaggleOne of the most common questions to a Tour Pro after a major win is, “Were you nervous when…” It’s hard not to think about all the swing thoughts, all the circumstances, and the what if’s. How you relax and get ready to go can have a major impact on your results. The waggle is […]
  • Power Click Before and After Manage Your Wrists to Control Your BodyIf you have a tendency to overswing your arms, it makes it really difficult to be consistent and robs you of distance. It takes effort to learn to use your body correctly, using your pivot and rotation to help control the clubface and collect the ball. The Tour Striker Power Click is a great awareness device, that, when […]
  • It's Best to Know - Power Click It’s Best to Know, Not to GuessIf you lack control of the clubface, always slicing it or always hooking it and when you try to make adjustments your ball flight is super inconsistent, you’re probably waiting too long to set your hands. Instead of flattening your lead wrist at the top of your backswing, it happens in transition, it happens too […]
  • Power Click on Tour Striker Golf Academy Student You’re Gonna Need a Frisbee…Frisbee Drill starts at 4:32. The reason I’m such a fan of training aids is because I want you to have awareness when you practice. With the Tour Striker Power Click, you’re going to know with certainty what your wrist conditions are doing during a golf swing. Order Yours Now »
  • Tour Striker Power Click The PowerClick is Back!The PowerClick is Back! Tour Striker Nation! I’d like to introduce you to the PowerClick 2.0. This is a GREAT training aid to help you understand the important role your wrists and arms play during the swing. Miss these critical alignments and great shots are purely random. Have an understanding of wrists and arms with […]