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  • Stretch to Maintain Stretch to Maintain Your Shoulder TurnFlexibility is one of the most often neglected parts of the game. Especially as you start to get older, your body naturally loses flexibility, resulting in a shorter swing and lost power. If you’re losing distance and struggling with consistency, you may need to work on your flexibility. The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro is […]
  • Stretches with the Power Impact Pro The Importance of Warming Up ProperlyToo many people head out to the first tee or the driving range and immediately start trying to hit full shots… without stretching and without finding their rhythm first. Not only does this hurt your game, but it can also lead to pain or injury. Just like a car on a cold morning or any […]
  • Power Impact Pro - The Rope Drill Winter Workout – The Rope DrillKeep your golf swing in shape this winter with the Power Impact Pro 2.0 Along with it’s many uses for warming up, stretching, and strengthening, one of my favorite uses of the Power Impact Pro is to increase speed with The Rope Drill. This drill forces you to focus on swinging faster, not harder, building […]