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  • Tour Striker SAMI for Structural Awareness Long Arms for Consistency‘FEELS’ come from ‘GOOD FUNDAMENTALS.’ ‘GOOD FUNDAMENTALS’ come from awareness. The Tour Striker S.A.M.I. gives you an awareness unlike any other training aid. Know if you’re over swinging in your backswing. Know if you’re keeping your arms long. Know if you’re transporting the right angles. The structural awareness created by being able to connect different […]
  • A Star is Born with the SAMIYou don't always know or realize how much you are bending your elbows in your swing. When someone first clips on the SAMI and practices a few chip shot swings, the first reaction is them hearing how much the SAMI winds (the audible noise when the SAMI extends and retracts) on both the back swing […]
  • Pitch Shot Refinement using the SAMIOne of the first things I do at the golf school is clip on a SAMI (Structural Awareness Motion Instrument). The reason is because it's so easy to forget what the arms are doing that we end up compensating for a poor shot with our hands. When was the last time you thought about taking […]