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  • Swing DiagnosisSWING DIAGNOSIS Back in 2012, shortly after we first introduced the Smart Bag… My Golf Spy reviewed it and had the following to say… “If you don’t own an impact bag, the Smart Bag represents a good value… If you need to work on impact, path, or clubface, the Smart Bag offers great ways to […]
  • SMASH SMASH SMASHSMASH SMASH SMASH If you’re stuck inside and longing to work on more than your carpet putting skills the Smart Bag is the perfect companion. Impact bags are great for working on impact position, keeping your head back while getting your weight rotated and relocated over your lead leg. It’s amazing how when you’re about […]
  • “Manzella Style” Driver Release DrillTRANSCRIPT Harpoon, if you will. That’s the sensation, right? Okay. I’m having some patience sticking out in the ground. Now with the driver. It’s going to be a lot different. Where’d that Harpoon go? I missed you went way back there. Okay. There’s a different feeling when we hit the driver. This is your driver. […]
  • Tour Striker Smart BagTRANSCRIPT Hello, my name is Martin Chuck inventor of the Tour Striker training club, the number one training aid in the United States. I’d like to introduce you to the Tour Striker Smart Bag. I call it the smart bag because it’s got a lot of features that the typical impact bag doesn’t have. First […]
  • Tour Level Ball ControlDo you remember when Tiger Woods sliced the ball around a corner and onto the green at the 2003 U.S. Open? Most of us are still working on being able to hit the ball straight… but there is a higher level, where you can control the ball and hit different flight patterns on demand. I'm […]