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  • Upgrade Your GameFeatured Coach of the Week – Jeff Ritter of MTT Performance           View this post on Instagram                           A post shared by Jeff Ritter (@mttgolf) One of the best ways to improve this off-season is to create a workout […]
  • Best Training Aid in GolfFeatured Coach of the Week – Ian Frasier and Matt Bois from TXG The Smart Ball is a versatile training aid that establishes a reference point for golfers who don’t know what an effective swing looks or feels like. While there are many ways to use the Smart ball, this video focuses on the management of the club face […]
  • Understanding Your BackswingThere’s something that tour pros do that amateur golfers don’t. With the help of Gears, a 3D motion capture and analysis system that we use at the Tour Striker Golf Academy, we’ve noticed, that tour pros have a very consistent amount of lead arm adduction in their backswing. This means, how much their lead arm […]
  • KEEP YOUR ELBOWS CLOSER WITH THE SMART BALLGetting steep in the downswing is the death knell of golf because you simply don’t have time to accurately and consistency make the big adjustment needed to square the face. This is why everyone talks about trying to shallow the club and using your pivot and rotation to deliver the club. It’s far more reliable […]
  • Rotate and Relocate for Power and DistanceThe Tour Striker Smart Ball has been used by countless players and professionals to help maintain the structure in their arms, inspiring them to rotate and relocate to collect a golf ball. This video features Martin Chuck at a Golf School demonstrating the use and intent of practicing with the Smart Ball. Whether you tend […]
  • Scoring Shots Scoring ShotsSo many people try to stay down too long in the scoring shots around the green. Their body stalls. Their elbows separate. They’re unreliable. That’s what’s so great about the Tour Striker Smart Ball. It keeps your arms working together, forcing you to rely on your pivot and sequence to collect the ball; rotating your […]
  • Smart Ball Trail Arm Manage Your Trail Arm to Strike it SolidWhen you come to a golf school, you get lots of one-on-one time with the coaches, including Martin Chuck. This video shows Martin working with a student to better understand and control the relationship between the trail hand and lead hand coming into impact, his swing path, and consistently making contact with the ground in […]
  • The Tour Striker Smart BallTRANSCRIPT Hello, this is Martin Chuck. I’m the inventor of the Tour Striker Training Club, the most successful training club in the last number of years. We sold well over 100,000 units worldwide and I’d like to introduce you to the Tour Strikers smartball. What exactly is a smart ball? Well, it’s this inflatable little […]