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  • Improve Your Lag for Better Ball StrikingLag is an often misunderstood concept in golf, often played up to be a mythical magic sauce for great ball striking. Lag in the swing delivers a stronger clubface to the ball. However, lag is simply the result of your body and the clubhead changing direction at different speeds. Lag is what happens when the […]
  • Top Training Aids to Help You ImproveGive yourself the best Christmas present ever this year. Golf is more fun when it’s easy. There’s nothing better than a perfectly struck ball with an effortless swing that doesn’t even feel like you hit the ball. For most of us, those balls are few and far between… but they don’t have to be. This […]
  • Tour Striker Plane Station Practicing Indoors on a Mat?Practicing Indoors on a Mat? The Tour Striker Plane Station is a great tool for helping you monitor your swing shape and body motion when you’re practicing on a mat. Click Here to download the Practice Tip Booklet. Order Yours Now »