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  • Scoring Shots Scoring ShotsSo many people try to stay down too long in the scoring shots around the green. Their body stalls. Their elbows separate. They’re unreliable. That’s what’s so great about the Tour Striker Smart Ball. It keeps your arms working together, forcing you to rely on your pivot and sequence to collect the ball; rotating your […]
  • 56 Degree Wedge – Crisp contact, control and spinTRANSCRIPT Okay, here I am at Tethrow, we’re talking about the Tour Striker 56 degree club right now. How this is going to help you with a bunch of shots. I love this club because you don’t have to make a full swing to understand its, uh, its benefits. So here I am face on […]
  • How to Spin Your WedgeTRANSCRIPT This particular club has three lines on it. We’ve got a black line on the leading edge. We’ve got a blue line in the center and a red line at the back. I’m calling the black line, the Lee Trevino spinner. The Blue Line is a Tom Watson midsole pitch and this red line […]