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Chipping & Pitching Techniques

Hello everyone, welcome to Martis Camp Golf Club. You know today I want to talk about chipping and pitching and how to have better engagement of the club face to the golf ball without fear of laying the sod over it, chunking it or blading and across the green. So I’ve got a sharpie marker here and I’m going to show you what I’m going to do. I want to show you how to use the soul of the golf club properly, and by doing that I’m going to take this sharpie marker and I’m going to draw a nice thick line toward the trailing edge. You know you’ve got the leading edge. That’s the part that gets stuck in the ground and you’ve got the trailing edge in. This drill is really neat in that you’re going to learn how to use the entire golf club. I’m going to hit a few shots for you with this angle and then we’ll do some down the line, but the whole idea here is that I want to take this golf club and I don’t want to have the sh.

They handled leaning well forward because that’s what can stick in the ground and if the handles will forward that I can lay the sod over it and get terrified. The good old Chili dip, we want to get this handle a little bit more neutral so it’s got fractional forward. Lean in the golf ball is somewhat forward, and this might be this might buck convention for some of you out there because you’re taught to put the handle forward and hit down on it, but that’s what can engage that leading edge and hit those chunks shots. So again, ball forward and you can see where my weight is. It’s clearly on my left foot and I’m going to feel as though I can move this golf club
when I hit these little shots when I feel like I can start to get that green line off there. Let’s wear off that sharpie marker they put toward the trailing edge of this golf club here. So those are nice little chips, pitches, whatever you want to call them, their chips of their tiny strokes. When I make a little bit bigger swing, they turn into pitch shots, but the whole idea is to use the club properly and not get that leading edge digging. Let’s take a look down the line. Okay, so here we are down the line. It’ll be a little bit easier for you to see the fact that I don’t have this downward strike per se with these shots. It’s a very shallow strike where I can use this bounce. I can use this trailing ed so I don’t get these stuck in the ground. I’ve got a cute little shot here that could be called a teeny little pitch. Again, the balls a little bit forward. My weight’s on my left foot and I’m going to hit one for you here. Little on the firm side, but did you notice that I didn’t try to take the club and take it to the target? I want this club to travel around me in an arch. I don’t want to try to hit them straight. The only thing that goes straight to the golf ball. Hope you enjoyed that tip.