Power Impact Pro 2.0

Power Impact Pro 2.0

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The Tour Striker Power Impact Pro (PIP) is a resistance training system for golfers.

This training tool will produce results in several weeks when used correctly, and the benefits include:

  • Complete Body Strength
  • Educated Hands (Lag)
  • Improved Impact Alignments & Awareness
  • Increased Flexibility / Greater Range of Motion
  • Brain/Body Familiarity (Muscle Memory)

The Power Impact Pro can help you become the complete golfer-athlete.

Watch Martin Chuck demonstrate how to use this valuable training tool.

Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 comes with 10 bonus videos showing you some of the most popular ways to use it. 

These quick videos (between 1 to 2 minutes each) cover the following...

  • Introduction to the Power Impact Pro (:51)
  • Trail Arm Structured Stretch (1:58)
  • Squatting Incline Press (:54)
  • Lower Body Side Steps (1:07)
  • The Sam Snead Squat (1:59)
  • Regular and Reverse Curls (1:48)
  • Rear Fly and Rotator Rotations (2:24)
  • Prone Lateral Pullovers (2:08)
  • PIP Swings (1:22)
  • Partner Resistance Drill (1:28)
  • Classic Row & Rotational Row (2:05) 

And don't forget...

All the exercises above are IN ADDITION TO the regular, "golf swing resistance training" you can do.

Give it a try -- your purchase is backed by our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

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