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Develop Your Golf Swing

The PlaneMate comes with 3 bands that can be used in a variety of ways to help develop a great golf swing.

A lot of golfers pop up as they swing, causing the pelvis to invade the area that the club and grip live. Wearing an aim stick around your waist gives great feedback because if your hips push forward, the club will hit the stick.

In this video, Martin Chuck uses a PlaneMate band to hold an aim stick inline with his hips, across his belt line.

Start by setting up to the golf ball. Use the aim stick to make sure you’re parallel to the ground. The goal for this drill is to keep your chest down and time your swing so that your arms get past the aim stick.

Take a few slow speed swings. If you artificially try to retract your trail arm in your backswing your arm will hit the stick. Focus on rotating your body as you elevate your arms. Once you get the hang of it you can start to ramp up your speed.

This drill can be tricky, so start slowly and build your sequence. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable, add more speed.

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