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Don’t Run Out Of Right Arm!


Hi, this is Martin Chuck and I’m at the Raven Golf Club in Phoenix and I want to talk to you about something really important about impact, how not to run out of right arm. You know we’ve got our right arm measurement here and we know that I’ve already are playing around and we pop somebody in the shoulder. We can only do that if the measure makes sense to hit him in the shoulder before arm reaches its maximum length. While in golf, it’s imperative that we learn how to transport or angles are right shoulder close enough to the golf ball so that we can hit the golf ball with a couple of really important angles. Let’s talk about that because we want to get to the golf ball before we run out of right arm. So what does running out of right arm mean? Well, if our right shoulder hangs back and our right elbow expands or right wrist will flatten and if our right, wrist flattens.

You lose club face control and you’re pretty much going to have a variety of goofy shots with a low point generally behind the golf ball. So we got some wind noise here, I apologize for that. Hopefully it’s not too bad. I’m going to hit a couple of shots toward the camera here and if I ran out of right arm, my right shoulder hangs back and you can see that all I can do is really flip at it because I haven’t been able to take my right shoulder, close enough to the golf ball so that I can strike a golf ball with a slightly bent right elbow in a slightly bent right wrist. So I’m going to hit a ball right past the camera for you. Interesting little view. And right now you can see my right elbow is straight and my right wrist is bent, but at impact and I’ll show you face on and I’ll slow this down for you when I hit a shot. I don’t want to run out a right arm by leaving my right shoulder back because if I do much like punching somebody, you have to get your shoulder close enough to make the punch effective. In Golf, we have to get her right shoulder close enough to make the strike effective. So here’s a little swing where I run out of right arm because my right shoulder didn’t get close enough to the golf ball. Here’s the swing where my shoulder got close enough to the golf ball

where I didn’t run out a right arm, and again, it’s a timing thing. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. You have to feel this and understand how to deliver these angles. Really, really imperative and golf running out of right arm and the right arm gets long too fast. The club face flips, usually you’ll lose control of the face in a result in some kind of a pull, a shot that is less than desired and probably goes to the left and most cases typically a hang back flip. Now, when we’re hitting full shots, we want to take that shoulder and deliver it far enough into impact so we don’t run out of right arm. So in conclusion, really, really important that understand that this shoulder has to transport closer to the golf ball so that we hit it with a bent, right elbow and right wrist before our arms become fully extended. All too often, most golfers that are struggling, the right shoulder hangs back. The right wrist flattens too early because the right elbow straightened and we lose control of that club head. This is Martin Chuck from the Raven Golf Club Phoenix. Please post your questions and comments down below and I’ll get to as many as I can. Thanks for watching.