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Educate Your Hands

Many of the biggest ball striking issues in golf can be traced back to the hands.  Whether the problem started in your hands or you end up using your hands to compensate… From leaving the face open and hitting a slice, to flashing it closed and hitting hooks, or stalling and flipping for weak, fat, or thin shots.  Your hands are what connect your body to the club.  Educated hands will help clean up almost all of your problems.

The Tour Striker Educator is one of the best tools available to help educate your hands.  AND… we now have a 5-Day Educator Protocol to help you get the most out of your Educator.

Each day of the Educator Protocol is designed to be performed with 30 balls. A small bucket at the driving range is perfect. 5 Days, 5 Small Buckets.

Follow the protocols and see significant improvement in your ball striking from day 1.

Watch the Protocol now!