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Effortless Centered Contact Every Time

Most of us learned to play golf by hitting buckets of balls at the range.

Unfortunately, if those were Game Improvement Clubs, you don’t always make centered contact.

Game Improvement Clubs are designed to make the game easier so that even your miss-hits are playable.

The problem is, if you’re on the range or out on the course, you aren’t punished for off-center contact.

Almost all irons these days are game improvement, including “Players Clubs” and “Blades” because they all have some technology designed to help with ball flight.

For sure Players Clubs will have less help, but even Tour Players want a little help with their bad shots.

The result is that unless you are HYPER focused on centered contact, over time, your contact will get worse.

This is a major reason why your game hasn’t improved in the last 10 years.

If the shot doesn’t feel “pure” but the ball is still playable, it’s hard to fix what isn’t “broken.”

If you don’t make consistent contact with your irons…

If you tend to hit it fat or thin…

If you consistently hit it off the toe or heel…

If you’re always short or long, never hitting your “stock” yardage…

You AREN’T making Centered Contact.

It’s not your fault… your game improvement clubs make it almost impossible to practice centered contact.

The Tour Striker TSI 7-Iron is designed to help you intuitively make centered contact… the same way we all learned to swing a club.

The Tour Striker TSI 7-Iron is the same length, weight, loft and lie as a standard 7-Iron, so you can seamlessly go from practicing with the TSI 7-Iron to playing with your game improvement clubs without changing anything.

The magic is in the patented design of the TSI clubface. The Tour Striker TSI 7-Iron features a raised leading edge, a rounded toe, and a rounded heel.

This forces you to make centered contact.

But not just centered contact, the TSI 7-Iron is almost impossible to scoop with.

Because of the patented design of the clubface, you have to deliver the club with a bit of forward shaft lean.

If you deliver the club with forward shaft lean, you have done a lot of other things really well to get there.

And forward shaft lean creates that dynamic loft that results in those laser-like iron with a piercing ball flight.

All of this happens naturally and intuitively.

The same way we all learned to play…

Use the TSI 7-Iron at the range or at home with a net.

Practice with the Tour Striker TSI 7-Iron until you can consistenly hit balls into the same spot on your net.

It will be a little frustrating at first because you aren’t used to having to make centered contact.

When you miss with the TSI 7-Iron, the ball WILL NOT fly.

The raised leading edge… The rounded toe and heel… If you miss… the ball will squirt off the club instead of launch into the air.

The ONLY way to make the ball fly is to deliver the club well and make centered contact.

Once you can consistently hit your Tour Striker TSI 7-Iron, hitting your own Game Improvement Irons will feel effortless.

Practice with the TSI 7-Iron and use your own clubs on the course.

You’ll notice a significant improvement and your buddies will think you’ve been sandbagging this whole time.

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