Hit Great Shots by Keeping Structure in Your Swing


One of the fastest ways to hit the ball more powerfully and consistently is to add (and maintain) structure to your backswing.

But if you're like many of the students who come to see me at my golf schools...

You may be letting your arms "break down" during your swing...and you may not realize it.

Think of it this way:

A good backswing is like a pushup.

When you do a pushup, you don't let yourself flop all the way to the ground.

Instead, you're always pushing and keeping some level of tension in your arms.

Same thing with a good backswing.

To maintain your "radius" and prevent your arms from folding...

You have to use a gentle -- and constant -- outward "push force" during the swing.


It's the "constant" part that trips people up.

And that brings me to the Power Impact Pro 2.0.

This resistance training device does a LOT of things (which you can read about below)...

And one of them is teaching you what this outward "push force" FEELS like so you can build a powerful, structured backswing.

As I show you in the above video...

When you use the Power Impact Pro for backswing practice, it encourages this constant, gentle "push force" in your backswing.

In other words, the tension on the band is a reminder to maintain constant outward pressure and to not let your arms break down.

It might sound complicated, but it's actually ridiculously easy to use.

Simply put the PIP over your lead shoulder and use the golf grip handle to push the band away from you.

If you lose tension, it means your arms are "breaking down."

On the other hand, by maintaining the tension...

You'll learn to keep the radius and structure in your backswing so you can consistently hit great shots!

Get Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 Here

As I mentioned above, your PIP can do a lot of things. 

At it's most basic, it's a resistance band with a golf grip on it...so you can resistance train your golf swing!

But this simple device does so much more for golfers. 

It can help improve your...

✅ Strength
✅ Flexibility
✅ Range of Motion
✅ Lag
✅ Impact Alignment
✅ Muscle Memory

And here's the best part: 

Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 comes with 10 bonus videos showing you some of the most popular ways to use it. 

These quick videos (between 1 to 2 minutes each) cover the following...

  • Introduction to the Power Impact Pro (:51)
  • Trail Arm Structured Stretch (1:58)
  • Squatting Incline Press (:54)
  • Lower Body Side Steps (1:07)
  • The Sam Snead Squat (1:59)
  • Regular and Reverse Curls (1:48)
  • Rear Fly and Rotator Rotations (2:24)
  • Prone Lateral Pullovers (2:08)
  • PIP Swings (1:22)
  • Partner Resistance Drill (1:28)
  • Classic Row & Rotational Row (2:05) 

And don't forget...

All the exercises above are IN ADDITION TO the regular, "golf swing resistance training" you can do.

Give it a try -- your purchase is backed by our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Get Your Power Impact Pro 2.0 Here

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