How to Automatically Hit Distance-Gaining Draws


You won't hear me use the word "magical" very often...

But if you want to consistently -- and automatically -- hit those distance-gaining draws we wall want...

You must achieve the "magical alignment" between your lead arm/wrist and the golf club. 

Why is it "magical?"

One, it helps you create a LOT of output (power) with very little input (effort).

And two, when you add a little body rotation, it automatically gets your club moving on an inside-out or "draw" path. 

Now, achieving this "magical alignment" between your lead arm and club shaft doesn't come naturally to many people.

And that's the reason I developed the Impact Strap.

As I show you in the video, the Impact Strap gets you into this magical position and keeps you there as you swing. 

So, if you normally swing "steep and over the top" like many golfers...

The Impact Strap won't let you do that anymore!

It holds you in place so you maintain and move this key angle into the golf ball...

AUTOMATICALLY  producing an inside-out motion...and beautiful, distance-gaining DRAWS.

Does using this device make your swing feel a little "different" at first?

Yes! Because you're finally swinging the right way. 

So, embrace it! 

In summary, the Impact Strap...

✅ Locks in power-producing wrist angles
✅ Guides your inside-out swing path
✅ Gets your hands ahead of the ball
✅ Encourages the right amount of hip hinge
✅ Promotes all-important forward shaft lean

I use the Impact Strap all the time with my golf school students (high and low handicappers alike).

And if you're anything like them, it will immediately help you get the club moving "inside out" on its you can start hitting beautiful, powerful, distance-gaining shots 💪. 

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