How to Hit the "Dead Hands" Wedge Shot


Most golfers who come to my golf schools HATE hitting those tricky wedge shots from 30 to 50 yards off the green.

And if you usually chunk 'em or skull 'em, I get why you may hate them, too. 

These "short" shots should result in tap-ins, not card wreckers!

One reason so many of us struggle with these shots is...

We approach them as "mini versions" of our full shots...with wrist cock and lots of "forward shaft lean." 

While this can work for some people, more movements taking place during a shorter stroke doesn't leave much margin for error.

That's why I think you could have a LOT more success with the "dead hands" wedge shot (which, by the way, a lot of pros use). 

As I'll show you in the above video...

The idea is to transport the club WITHOUT creating power-producing "lag" you normally want on full shots.

For feedback, I'm wearing the FlexClick, which normally "clicks" on full shots to tell you you're using your wrists correctly. 

For these shots, however, you don't want to hear any clicks.

It's really simple and pretty fun to use — if you can transport the club from waist-high to waist-high with NO clicks...

You're using "dead hands," and buying yourself some "insurance" for good contact on these short, delicate pitch shots.

To see how the FlexClick can help you make great impact on short shots, full shots...AND here to learn more