How to Maximize Power and Clubface Stability at Impact


This is going to sound "obvious"...

But I'll say it anyway:

If you TRULY want to improve and play better golf...

You have to stop doing what you've always done and CHANGE SOMETHING in your swing.

But what should you change?

Well, if you're like many of the students who come to my golf schools...

High handicappers and low handicappers alike...

Your swing may be breaking down at arguably the most critical time: from downswing through impact.

I see this ALL the time:

Mid- and high-handicappers tend to get too steep and come "over the top."

Then, they try to correct it by "standing up" and "thumbing down" 👎 so the club doesn't plow into the grass.

Better golfers often get too shallow, but they, too, have to "stand up" and point their thumbs down so the club doesn't bottom out too early.

The problem is, whenever you go "thumbs down," you lose the angle between the club and your lead wrist...

And you lose most of your power and clubface stability.

This is exactly why I developed the Impact Strap.

The Impact Strap forces you to maintain the angle between your lead arm and club shaft.

It doesn't let this critical angle break down -- it holds you in place so you can FEEL the wrist/club relationship as you move through impact.

The Impact Strap...

✅ Locks in power-producing wrist angles
✅ Gets your hands ahead of the ball
✅ Encourages the right amount of hip hinge
✅ Promotes all-important forward shaft lean

In short, it gives you all the elements of "compression" so you can make pure, powerful contact and hit great shots!

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Will your swing feel a little "different" when you first use it?

YES! And that's a good thing because...

It will break you out of your bad habits.

Again, if you want to improve, it doesn't make sense to "keep doing what you're doing."

No, you need to make a change.

You need to understand what the RIGHT delivery position feels like...

And the Impact Strap immediately helps you do it.

So, if you're "shallower" or "over-the-topper"...

Or if you find yourself trying to "fit the club in" by manipulating through the impact zone...

Or if you feel like your shots should have WAY more power and clubhead stability than they do...

Get the Impact Strap, create and FEEL the angle I'm talking about...

And start becoming a powerful ball striker!

Get Your Impact Strap Here

(Free USA Shipping. 30-Day, Money Back Guarantee)