How to Get More Clubhead Speed by Being More "Efficient"


I don't believe all golfers must swing the exact same way...

But if you want to maximize your swing speed (and distance) based on what YOUR body can do...

Your swing DOES need to be as "efficient" as it can be. 

That means no wasted movements.

For example, if you are overly steep like many golfers...

It's common to "stand up" in the downswing to, "fit the club in."

That's wasted movement. That's not efficient. That's not speed.

So, what does an "efficient" swing FEEL like?

Well, one way to know is to put on the Impact Strap.

As I explain in the video, the Impact Strap "locks in" the critical angle between your lead arm and club shaft.

This helps you feel the right wrist/club relationship as you move through impact...

Naturally producing an inside-out swing motion that is EFFICIENT and FAST!

In short, if you're too steep...

Or you have too much inefficient movement in your swing...

The Impact Strap will tell you.

Here's a summary of everything it can do...

✅ Locks in power-producing wrist angles
✅ Produces EFFICIENT clubhead SPEED
✅ Guides your inside-out swing path
✅ Encourages the right amount of hip hinge
✅ Promotes all-important forward shaft lean
✅ Gets your hands ahead of the ball

So, want to get more speed? Get more efficient!

And... Get Your Impact Strap Here

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