How to Waggle Your Way to Better Ball Striking

I don't think most golfers realize the importance of the waggle.

Too many golfers who come to my golf schools set up to the ball in what I call a, "pyramid of concrete."

They are so focused on the right posture, aim and alignment (which are all important) they start their swing from a static position.

But if you are too static, you will never hit the ball as powerfully or as far as you could be hitting it.

Enter the waggle, and why winners made it a key piece of their pre-shot routine.

By "winners," I'm talking about Tiger, Nicklaus, Palmer and other "single name" greats.

The purpose of the waggle is to build rhythm...

And to prime your body for the athletic event (your swing) that's about to happen.

In the video above, I'll show you the right way to do it so YOU can play great, too.