Improve Your Timing and Impact with the Fun, Range Picker Drill

As a young academy golfer in Canada...

My mates and I were often asked to walk along the sides of the driving range and hit the balls back into the short grass where the range picker could scoop them up. 

At the time, I didn't find this particularly stimulating, but...

As I got older (and wiser) I realized I had stumbled upon something quite beneficial:

While knocking the balls back into play, the best way to ensure a good strike was to coordinate the timing of my movements: 

FIRST, step and "land" on my lead foot, THEN stabilize myself, THEN rotate as I strike the ball.  

When stitched together in a rhythmic way, I discovered I could make powerful impact, consistently.

Fast forward (oh, 40 years!) and now I simply call this accidental discovery, "the range picker drill."

So, no, it's NOT about "trying to hit the range picker" as it drives by...

But it's still a ton of fun.

And more importantly...

It's GREAT for improving your timing and impact.

Watch the above video, then give it a try: step, stabilize, strike.