How to Add Power-Producing Lag to Your Swing


I'm sure you've heard you should have "lag" in your swing to create powerful shots. 

That simply means you should maintain an extreme amount of wrist hinge in your downswing right?


Lag is very important, but as you'll see in today's video, it is usually misunderstood.

And that's one big reason I developed the Impact Strap.

Rather than creating artificial, "vertical" lag...

The Impact Strap helps you naturally create the RIGHT type of "horizontal" lag...

By showing you how your wrists and lower-body pivot work together to deliver the clubhead into the ball with a powerful and oh-so-sexy inside-out strike.

Not only does the Impact Strap guide your wrists into to the right type of "horizontal" lag...

It doesn't let this important wrist/club relationship break down as you swing.

It holds you in place so you maintain and move this angle into the golf ball, naturally producing lag and an inside-out strike. 

In short, the Impact Strap...

✅ Locks in power-producing wrist angles
✅ Shows you what true lag FEELS like
✅ Guides your inside-out swing path
✅ Gets your hands ahead of the ball
✅ Encourages the right amount of hip hinge
✅ Promotes all-important forward shaft lean

I use the Impact Strap all the time with my golf school students (high and low handicappers alike).

And if you're anything like them, it will immediately help you understand what true lag is and what it FEELS like...

So you can hit more powerful shots that fly long and straight! 💪. 

You can try the Impact Strap Here with free USA Shipping and the protection of our 30-day, moneyback guarantee.