How to FEEL the Right Swing Positions and Movements


Today's clip comes from Alex Riggs, a fellow Canadian and PGA professional who coaches amateurs and Tour pros all over the world. 

I'm not surprised Alex has gained a big following on Instagram and other places...

Not only is he a master of his craft, he is a great communicator.

For example, in this quick, two-minute video, he manages to review the new PlaneMate 2.0  *and* give you some great tips on achieving the right swing positions.

Most impressive to me is that he absolutely NAILS the #1 benefit of the PlaneMate 2.0 when he says...

"What I'm a huge fan of with this product is, it pulls us into positions that force us to feel the right moves."

Trust me on this: take two minutes to watch the above video and you will totally "get it," too. 

Then, I invite you to try the PlaneMate 2.0 and see how it can immediately help you play better golf.

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