How to Lose the Chicken Wing and Build a Powerful, Reliable Swing


Many of you know already know your elbows are bending and your arms are separating from your body...

Otherwise known as the "chicken wing" swing.

For others, you'll only spot it it when you see your swing on video...

And then you can never un-see it. 

What's so bad about a chicken-wing swing? 

Where should I start?

When you lose all the structure in your arms...

And the critical, upper/lower body "connection" in your swing...

You hit weak shots...

You hit fat/thin shots...

And you lose all manner of consistency.

I could go on, but trust me on this: 

You don't want a chicken-wing swing.  

One thing that can help you fix it is the Tour Striker Smart Ball.

As you can see in the video above...

The Smart Ball keeps your arms from breaking down, so they remain structured, "connected" and working in unison with your lower body. 

This helps you strike the ball more powerfully AND more reliably.

By maintaining the structure of your swing and removing the "randomness" that happens when you bend your elbows...

You gain control over where, when and how you contact the ball and the turf.

Using the Smart Ball is easy, and you can start off slow.

1. Place it between your arms (you can adjust the length)...

2. Make some short swings without letting the ball fall out. 

As you gain confidence and consistency, you can start making longer swings.   

One additional tip: 

Focus on keeping the lanyard as "long" or "stretched out" as you can in your backswing and through swing. 

This will help keep your arms away from your body and promote that "wide" arc we're all looking for. 

Again, as you feel more confident, let your swings grow and get longer. 

Pretty soon, you're going to be hitting more powerful shots CONSISTENTLY -- short shots, full swings and everything in between. 

You can try the Tour Striker Smart Ball here, and it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.