Improve Your Putting Stroke by Giving Your Hands a "Task"


If your hands are too active during your putting stroke (i.e., you're "handsy")...

Here is something counterintuitive to try:

Give them MORE to do.  

Wait, what? 

Yes, in the above video, I'll show you the "reverse overlap" putting grip...

And how it creates the "task" of maintaining three points of pressure:

1. Heel pad

2. Middle fingers

3. Lifeline of the lead palm

Maintaining all three points of mild pressure creates a feeling of "togetherness" and "gives your hands something to do" rather than wiggling all around.

In other words, by getting your hands focused on maintaining these pressure points, you can let the triangle of your body make the ball move. 

I know this sounds a bit "out there," as you're reading it, so watch the video and then give it a try.

It will really help you achieve "quiet hands" and a better putting stroke.