Increase Consistency by Developing Your "Soft Skills"


Want to become more consistent this year? 

Spend a little time working on your "soft skills."

As I'll show you in the video above...

I consider soft skills all the pre- and post-shot routine elements that are critically important to hitting great shots.

And I don't mean simply, "going through the motions." 

I mean truly thinking about each and every piece...

And "checking all the boxes" as you walk into and address the ball....all the way through follow-through.

I cover a lot of this in the ReciPe for Better Golf video series, and it includes...

• Where and how you take your priming swing 

• How you stand behind the ball

• Looking at your target

• Visualizing your shot shape and trajectory

• How you walk into the ball

• What you do with your hands / grip

• How you aim

• How you place your feet

• How you waggle

• How you "holster" the club after your shot

Does all this guarantee you'll hit great shots every time? 

Not necessarily, but developing these soft skills DOES guarantee you're removing variables and building a consistent routine...

And THAT usually results in better outcomes.