Use the Pitch Shot Dance to Get Short Shots Close to (or In!) the Hole

I know short pitch shots drive a lot of you crazy.

And that's because you lean back in an attempt to "help the ball up." 

But that causes low-point problems -- you either contact the turf too fat or too thin...and the rest is card-wrecking history.

These shots need to be hit crisply, just like a solid 7-, 8- or 9-iron.

And once you know "the pitch shot dance"...

That's exactly what you'll do! And you'll never fear these delicate shots again.

You may freak out a little when you first try this because it feels different, but...

I'm giving you permission to add a little movement with your lower body...

And I promise you'll like the results.

Ready to "dance" your way to a bulletproof short game and lower scores?

Watch the video above...then show me your moves!