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Feel the Resistance of the Club to Create Lag

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Lag is the hidden move in the golf swing where powerful hitters, turn a seemingly smooth and rhythmic movement into impressive distance. It looks like wrist cock or hinging is the key to a powerful swing… However, wrist hinge is the result of lag, not the cause.

You don’t create lag with your wrists, you allow it to happen. Lag is a function of physics. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

When at address, your clubhead is at rest. As you move into your backswing, the clubhead wants to stay put. If you have a firm but gentle grip on the club with fluid wrists, you can feel this resistance as you go into your takeaway. Now that the club is in motion, when you get to the top of your backswing and your body shifts, the clubhead is going to want to keep moving in that same direction. With that same firm but gentle grip and fluid wrists, you’ll feel the pressure against your index finger in transition as the clubhead changes direction. THIS is lag!

Practice this drill by exaggerating an overly soft grip where you can feel the clubhead lag in the takeaway and in the downswing. Do 10 swings without hitting a ball so you can use a feather light grip (be careful not to throw your club) and then hit 10 x 90-yard pitch shots trying to feel those same pressures.

If you have an impact strap, doing this drill with your impact strap is great because you can almost let go of the club and REALLY feel the lag without worrying about accidentally throwing your pitching wedge.

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