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Flick the Gum Off

We all hear talk about hitting down on the ball with our irons. The goal isn’t to swing down and stick the club in the ground. The goal is to manage the bottom of your swing, letting your club collect the ball just before it bottoms out and changes direction.

If you are struggling with the low point in your swing, watch the video. Try the drill of flicking gum off the bottom of an alignment rod.

Another critical component of consistency is ball position in your stance. You’ve probably noticed the barber pole on the ground in nearly every video. It’s called the Golfer’s Toolbox. We use it in it’s basic T formation at each station in the golf school. It ensures consistent ball placement and stance every time you address the ball. It also gives a great frame of reference for all the videos we create and share back with students.

When you go to the range, setup your station with a T on the ground. It will help you with ball placement and stance. And start each practice session by flicking gum off the end of an alignment rod. It will help prime a better body motion.

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