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Get High and Wide for More Power

If you’re looking for power…

If you want to really smash the ball off the tee…

You have to have a wide, tall golf swing.

Good golfers don’t bend their trail arm past 90 degrees.

BUT… If you’re like most club golfers, you do.

If you take on swing length by over-bending your arms, that’s cheating! … AND it robs you of power.

To get high and wide, use your muscles across the plane of your body.

The PlaneMate is a great tool because it helps you get the width and extension you need.

Practice developing your biggest and most reliable swing circle with this simple drill. 

As you work to find your radius and develop your backswing, push high and wide against the PlaneMate band.  This will keep you from cheating yourself by over-bending your arms. 

It only takes a few balls and a couple minutes to instantly gain width, extension, and power in your swing.

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