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Hit a golf ball REALLY Straight


Hi, today we’re going to talk about how to hit your irons shots really straight, and you’ll see by this little setup here I’ve got a stick sticking out of the ground and a couple that are parallel to the stick on the ground in one up ahead. Basically what I’ve done is I’ve set the camera up so you can see just a pure line and I’m gonna explain to you where your golf swing has to aim, where the tool has to be aiming to hit the golf ball very straight. We make a golf swing. I’m going to turn the golf club over for just a second. We don’t want the shaft pointing at any point other than this line. Even though our golf swing turns in a circle,

the bottom of the shaft is always pointing at the base of that line along that line. Even though it works around me in a circle, it’s still pointing. If I had a laser light shooting out of that shaft, be pointing at that line. Now there’s a couple points in the golf swing where it doesn’t point at that line, waist high. You can see that it’s parallel to parallel to that line when I get beyond waist high, if I had a laser going out the shaft this way, that’d be pointing back on that line and again, as I keep turning, it’s pointing on that line. So when you hit shots and you want to hit it straight, obviously the clubface plays a role. We’ll talk about that.

So here’s the front on view of my little stick configuration to show you what a straight line is there a straight plane line. Now the golf swing, if we swing along this straight plane line like you saw from the rear view and the club face meets up with the golf ball on a close condition, even though you’re swinging on this perfect clean line, you’re going to result in a golf ball that goes to the left. Okay? Some of you, hookers and all about that. That’s my tendency from time to time as well. Most of you, most club membership or slicers, but that means is when the ball leaves the club face, that club face is a little bit open. Okay? Now a lot of you make a lot of accommodations to try to fix that, but ultimately to hit it straight as you want to hit it, that golf ball has to leave that club face.

When the club face is square ball is coming off the club face and the club face is square, so what’s that mean? That means we don’t try to put a square club face onto the back of a ball. We think about how that ball squeeze is on that club face and then expands off the face. If you’ve watched any of swing vision on some of the tour events lately, you can see how that ball compresses on the face. We want that club face to be square realistically about on this front edge of the golf ball as opposed to the back edge. So the clubface is squaring onto the golf ball. It actually is a tiny, tiny bit open when it hits it, a negligible amount really in square at separation when ball is coming off the club face. That’s how we hit it nice and straight. If you want to have curvature on your golf ball, obviously we want that golf ball coming off the club face and the club face is either open for a cut or a little bit square closed for a draw so you can manipulate ball flight. Today we’re talking about swinging on, uh, having your swing being oriented on a straight plane line or target line. And then it’s about how the clubface relates to that for a straight shot or a curve, either a slice or draw.

But to hit a golf ball straight, the tool has to aim on the line that you want to hit that golf ball.
Okay? That was pretty good. Had a couple of yards cut on it. But overall it’s pretty good golf shot. So what I want you to think about next time you go to the range. If you go to a tour event, you’re always gonna. See tour players putting sticks down or a club down to know where they’re aiming because they always want to make sure that that circle of their swing, wherever it is, any point that swing is pointing at that line. Now keep in mind I’m not trying to keep the club face on this line, going back or going through , you can see that that pulls me out of balance by swing as a circular motion. I just want the radius of that swing always pointing on my target line, except of course of those couple of places that again, it’s parallel waist high in the backswing, and again, waist high in the through swing, so good luck with that. It’ll help you hit the golf ball a lot straighter and if you need help, give me a call in the golf shop. Be More than happy to arrange for a lesson.